Joint search for oil in Kashmir

23 Feb 2008


NEW DELHI, Feb 22: Have geologists from India and Pakistan joined hands to explore oil in Jammu and Kashmir and Pakistan?

“It is believed the Valley has rich oil reserves,” Mumbai’s DNA newspaper reported on Friday.

It said some 150 internationally reputed geologists, including seven from Pakistan, are holding an international conference in Jammu to explore the huge oil wealth. “J&K, Pakistan and middle-eastern countries come under the same geological set-up which has prompted the experts to explore oil reserves buried under rock beds in the state,” DNA said in a report from Srinagar.

It said the experts were also likely to survey some areas in Katra, Patnitop and other high altitudes to study the rock structure for old oil. Geologists say there are some rocks rich in old oil which can be used as an alternative fuel in view of the fact that oil wells are exhausting worldwide.

“It is a research-based study in which we want to cooperate with Pakistani experts and vice versa. We will be sharing the data with each other,” said Dr G.M. Bhat, noted geologist, who teaches the subject in Jammu University.

Reports say there are rock beds with huge oil reserves but its exploration is very difficult. It requires persistent efforts and deep drilling to explore old oil from the rock beds, DNA said.