WSC to organise protest rallies

13 Feb 2008


LONDON, Feb 12: The World Sindhi Congress plans to hold protest rallies in various cities around the world on February 24 to raise awareness about continued detention of American-Sindhi human rights campaigner Dr Safdar Sarki in Pakistan, says a WSC press release.

Dr Sarki was kidnapped on Feb 24 in 2006 by agency personnel from his residence in Karachi.

He remained missing for about 20 months and was eventually produced due to strong pressure of the Supreme Court Chief Justice. Dr Sarki, the press release said, was re-arrested on fabricated charges and has been in detention since. Torture during his disappearance and in the jail has damaged his health to the extent that his life is in serious danger.

The press release said that demonstrations would be held in Sindh and in front of the US embassies in the UK, Ireland, Sweden and Finland.