Pakistan-India series gets rare attention

November 24, 2007


NEW DELHI, Nov 23: The hype created by Pakistan-India cricket rivalry has certainly overshadowed the legend of Ashes, with fans from Australia and England flowing in to witness the arch-rivals in action.

Dressed in ‘Batman’ and ‘Superman’ attires, two friends – Wayne and Matt – flew all the way from Tokyo, where they are presently based, to watch the ongoing Test between India and Pakistan in New Delhi.

“We live in Tokyo and have especially come here to watch the India-Pakistan encounter, which is now considered equivalent to the Ashes,” said Wayne, an Englishman from London. “We both love watching cricket very much,” quickly asserted the Aussie, Matt.

Interestingly, their comments again reignited the debate fuelled by Pakistan coach Geoff Lawson before the start of the ongoing series, when he described the high-voltage Indo-Pak clash as ‘bigger than the Ashes’.

Asked who they were rooting for in the sub-continent giants’ war, both of them replied: “Undoubtedly India will win. Apart from the entire nation, they got the backing of two superheroes in us.”

They are also big fans of Sachin Tendulkar when they said they are specially waiting to see Sachin in action. “We both are looking forward to watch Sachin’s batting.”

However, in the 22nd over of India’s first innings, Pakistan shed water on their hopes, along with thousands of spectators present at the ground on Friday, when Sachin was caught napping on one by Mohammad Yousuf, while trying for an almost impossible second run.—Agencies