LAHORE, June 3: Two TV channels went off air in different parts of the country on Sunday night.

The switch-off in case of Geo TV, according to its website, was almost countrywide while Aaj TV blackout was in Lahore and Islamabad.

“The government has blocked the transmission of the Geo News TV channel across the country due to reasons best known to them,” said the portal of the Jang Group of Newspapers.

It said that calls from viewers flooded Geo offices to know why the transmission had suddenly been suspended when “Meray Mutabiq” programme was on air.

Aaj TV offices in Lahore were not aware which programme had offended the authorities.

“We have only carried the report of Geo blackout in our bulletin which might have annoyed the government media managers,” said an Aaj representative.

Earlier, local cable operators addressed a press conference here on Sunday and said TV channels airing “anti-state programmes” would be switched off.