ISLAMABAD, April 12: The child abuse ratio in the country is touching the figure of approximately five children a day compared to three a day in 2004.

A report compiled by an NGO, Sahil, from 27 different national and regional newspapers, was shared with the audience on the occasion of ‘Child Friendly Newspaper Award’, here on Wednesday.

The report said 1,719 cases of sexual abuse were reported in the year of 2005 compared to 1,567 in 2004.

Out of the total 1,719 child victims, 422 (25 per cent) are boys while the remaining are girls.

About 1,127 cases occurred in Punjab, followed by 458 in Sindh, 87 in the federal area, 32 in the NWFP and 15 in Balochistan.

The NGO claimed that a large number of cases of sexual abuse went unreported.

The most vulnerable group of children is between the age of 11-15 years both for boys and girls, where 65 per cent of the victims are girls and the remaining are boys.

The report said the girls were at higher risk of being murdered after being assaulted. Therefore, the number of girls was nearly double than that of boys who were murdered after sexual assault.

According to the data, 82 per cent of the girl victims were assaulted for a period ranging from one day to six months, whereas the male child was usually a one time victim.

The research said regarding abuser categories, as it has been found that the victims and their families knew 67 per cent of the abusers.

The ratio of female abetters is the second highest after acquaintance category. In the analysis, it has been found that the number of urban cases has relatively increased from last year’s statistics.

Statistics showed five forms of sexual abuse crimes — abduction for sexual purpose, molestation, rape/sodomy, gang rape/gang sodomy and murder after sexual assault.

Out of the total 1,719, 146 children were murdered after being assaulted, followed by 369 who were gangraped or sodomised, 469 were raped or sodomised, 143 were molested and 565 were abducted with intentions of sexual abuse.

Speaking on the occasion, Minister of State for Information Anisa Zeb Tahirkheli said media had played a vital role in controlling social evils.

She stressed the need to highlight the problems of human rights. There is a pressing need to create awareness among the public regarding child sexual abuse, the state minister added.

Daily Nawa-i-Waqt won the Child Friendly Newspaper award for the category of 50,000 and above circulation. Daily Leader won the award for the category of 20,000 and above circulation, while Daily Insaf won the award for the category of 10,000 and above circulation.


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