Rehabilitation plan for quake survivors

April 10, 2006


ISLAMABAD, April 9: An international relief and welfare organisation has outlined a comprehensive plan for quake survivors to earn their livelihood, restart education and restore hope for their children. The World Vision is currently assisting more than 100 million people in nearly 100 countries in their struggle against poverty, hunger and injustice.

According to a press release, programmes to restart livelihoods in on-farm and off-farm activities have been drafted with input from communities where World Vision plans to work.

The organization is working on establishing 40 temporary schools, with a view to reconstructing 50 permanent schools in the Siran valley. Child friendly spaces, or safe havens for children, are currently being relocated to support families who are returning home from relief camps and more spaces are being established to encourage school attendance and the full integration of children in communities.

World Vision is also exploring ways of supporting the World Food Programme’s two-year recovery operation in the area of food-for- work and school feeding, targeting the most vulnerable families.

Families now leaving relief camps for their places of origin or new locations face the daunting task of starting again. Many of those who remained with their homes after the quake must also rebuild from zero.