Published May 7, 2022

Ramazan is also for children

This is regarding the cover article “Ramazan is also for children” by Muhammad Majid Shafi (YW, April 16).

The month of Ramazan is a blessing for all Muslims. During this month, we should try to worship as much as we can. As children, many of us don’t fast, so this makes us more responsible to do other good things, such as helping our fasting members of the family in their daily chores and taking care of the poor people around our neighbourhood and also take care of the stray animals by providing food and some water.

Fawad Ahmed,


The article “Ramazan is also for Children” by Muhammad Majid Shafi was a wonderful piece of advice for kids.

Ramazan is a month full of blessings and the article highlighted how kids can participate equally in gaining reward from Allah.

For instance, kids can do various house chores, help out mum and dad, and also do small, good deeds for the elders in the family and people in their neighbourhood.

Naima Abbasi,


Life is unpredictable, we don’t know how many more Ramazans we are going to see. We should do as many good deeds as we can in the opportunity that we have right now.

Ramazan is a trump card to collect bounties from Allah SWT, as the devil is chained up and the rewards are multiplied in this holy month. Besides elders, kids should also show their love and respect for this holy month, and this has nicely been described by Muhammad Majid Shafi in his article “Ramazan is also for children.”

If children are not fasting or are still learning to fast, then they should spend their Ramazan in helping their elders with their work or chores, recite the Holy Quran and offer extra nafil prayers.

Zuhair Sial,

Make yourself a priority

This is regarding the article “Make yourself a priority” by Ramna Fatima Pahilwani (YW, April 16). Sometimes when there is just so much going on in our lives, we forget ourselves and our mental and physical health may affect our whole lives.

The article provided some useful points on how to deal with hardships without forgetting yourself. Always remember that whatever you do, do your best, but don’t forget that you are also important and you also need to make yourself a priority.

Aiman Bhutto,

Published in Dawn, Young World, May 7th, 2022



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