Relationships are one of the most important things in a person’s life. Some people need family, some need friends, some need a large social circle, but everyone needs at least one person in their life, with whom they can share everything, who supports them and whom they can count on.

But we just can’t buy friends and family. We need to put in efforts to build better relations with people. We have to support each other through thick and thin. But the most important thing is to learn to appreciate people, because everyone wants appreciation.

We should appreciate our parents, who do so much for us and sacrifice everything for our happiness. They provide us everything that our heart desires. We should be more expressive towards them, and show love and affection to them. And this is how we should behave with friends who always help us when we need them.

We should practice gratitude by appreciating people who help us in everyday life, like the person who cleans our home, cooks for us, washes our clothes, riders who bring us food and groceries. They all need courtesy and appreciation by us. It is very important to be kind to them.

Professional success also depends upon how good you’re in interacting with your co-workers and other staff, and establishing networks. And it is only possible by appreciating them.

When we appreciate people, they get motivated towards their work and try harder next time. For example, if you notice when you compliment a student who worked really hard for his exam but didn’t get the results that he expected, he won’t get upset. In fact, he will put more effort next time because he knows that there is someone who cares.

Gratitude helps us to do better. It inspires us a lot. It doesn’t need to be a big showy thing. You don’t need to throw a party or buy bouquets for a person. You just need to make them feel special by acknowledging their efforts and showing meaningful gestures. If you feel satisfied with their work, just say it!

Spreading generosity won’t take much time, but it will have an imperishable impact on someone. The amazing thing about gratitude is that it costs us just a little effort.

Small gestures of appreciation can make someone’s day better and cheerful. May be in turn, they will think of doing the same for other people and it will also make your day better.

We often take things for granted and even take our closest people for granted. We sometimes ignored them, because we think that they will always be there for us, no matter what. We forget their importance in our life.

We should keep reminding ourselves that these people are really important for us and of what they have done for us. Then we will realise how obliged we are to have them.

When you appreciate people, you will realise how things change for the better. It will lead to your home, school or workplace becoming a more likeable place to be. Your life will become more colourful and satisfying. You will find yourself more content than before. You’ll see great improvement in your relationships with people.

Published in Dawn, Young World, January 22th, 2022



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