Published January 15, 2022

A family gathering

This is regarding the story “A family gathering” by Aliza Hameed (YW, December 11). The story gave three lessons for all of us to learn; one the importance of family gatherings in our life, as they bring the relatives together; second, how pollution is destroying the environment, killing marine animals, etc., and third how we can clean our surroundings, especially the beach by all joining together and working for a cause.

It was a very nice story full of lessons, telling the readers how their ignorance is destroying the beauty of nature.

Uroosa Arshad,


The story “A family gathering” by Aliza Hameed was a nice one. There are many advantages of getting together with family members, such as we get to know them more, we often forget the differences (if we had any), we get the chance to sit with our elders and listen to their stories and life experiences. In short, family gatherings give us much knowledge.

But, unfortunately, some of us avoid these gatherings and prefer sitting alone. We must not ignore our elders and always get together with them and listen to them.

Salman Ahmed Khan,

Live and let live

This refers to the cover article, “Live and let live” by Rizwana Naqvi (YW, December 18).

First of all, I would like to thank Young World for printing articles with unique information about different fields of life. Personally, I would recommend this article to the youth of Pakistan to learn how to live among different communities.

No matter how different others maybe to us, we should learn to live with tolerance and we must show patience and brotherhood.

Naveed Ahmed,

Do not bargain

This is regarding the article “Do not bargain” by Ali Aaliyan Rizvi (YW, December 18). The article teaches us a lesson that we shouldn’t bargain with the poor sellers, because bargaining will leave them with very little profit.

We must realise that if they are selling small things, such as pens, tissue paper packs, etc., they must be needy. They have families to feed and with the prices of almost every grocery item being so high, we must help by at least not bargaining with them.

If you think you are financially better than others, you should give a little to those who need help desperately. Soften your heart for them. You won’t have inner satisfaction unless you have a soft corner in your heart for the poor.

Sehrish Younus,

Published in Dawn, Young World, January 15th, 2022



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