The red and white mushrooms

One of the little-known Mario Mushroom facts is how it’s based on a real mushroom called the Amanita Muscaria. This mushroom has the same red colour and white spots like the one seen in the Super Mario games and is noted for its unique side effect when consumed. The people who consume these mushrooms often feel as if they are growing in size which is a feature also seen in the game. These mushrooms can be mainly found in the northern hemisphere in temperate areas.

Minecraft is a mandatory curriculum in Viktor Rydberg School

Minecraft is a mandatory curriculum in Viktor Rydberg (school in Sweden) for all of its 13-year-old students. A teacher from the school announced that by putting Minecraft as part of the curriculum, it exposes the students about city planning, environmental issues, how to get things done, and planning about the future.

Minecraft only took six days to create its first full version

Minecraft is one of the most well-loved online games. In contrast to other sophisticated games that took months of development and even years, Minecraft only took six days to create its first full version.

Apart from that, a day in Minecraft is equivalent to 20 minutes in real time. Minecraft’s time is 72 times faster compared to the real life. One second in Minecraft is equivalent to 0.0138 seconds in real-time. In other words, playing Minecraft for 20 minutes is equivalent to 1 day in Minecraft’s time.

The mushroom head creature in Mario is named Toad

In the Super Mario Bros.

games, the main population of the Mushroom Kingdom is made up of Toads. These creatures are famously notable for their mushroom-like headgear or hats that come in the same colours as the Mario mushrooms throughout the game.

Gardener harvests 839 cherry tomatoes from a single stem

ABritish gardener harvested 839 tomatoes from a single stem — nearly double the Guinness World Record.

Douglas Smith, 43, of Stanstead Abbotts, England, said he planted his seeds in March, and this month he harvested 839 tomatoes from a single stem, or truss.

Smith’s harvest almost doubles the 448 grown on a single truss by Guinness World Record holder Graham Tranter in 2010.

Smith said he was careful to follow Guinness’ rules when growing and harvesting his tomatoes, and evidence from the attempt is being submitted to the record-keeping organisation for official recognition.

Published in Dawn, Young World, October 9th, 2021



26 Nov 2021

State Bank’s projections

THE macroeconomic projections listed by the State Bank of Pakistan in its annual report on the nation’s economy...
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Updated 26 Nov 2021

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If present govt can muster will to achieve this task it would set a solid precedent that no future govt would find easy to undo.
26 Nov 2021

Messy passengers

NEWS that passengers on a PIA flight from Manchester to Islamabad left so much litter on the plane that it led to a...
Another damaging leak
Updated 25 Nov 2021

Another damaging leak

THE system cannot bear much more without sustaining irreparable damage to its prestige and credibility. That is why...
25 Nov 2021

Where is PDM headed?

ALL talk and no action is a fitting summary of the Pakistan Democratic Movement whose members make plenty of noise...
25 Nov 2021

Rule of the bears

PAKISTAN’S stock market has been in a free fall since the beginning of this week, with the benchmark KSE-100 index...