Landfill site being moved from Islamabad's I-12 finally

Published May 5, 2021
A boy looks for recyclable items at the landfill site in I-12. — White Star
A boy looks for recyclable items at the landfill site in I-12. — White Star

ISLAMABAD: City managers have decided to move out a landfill site from residential I-12 while 21 Ehsaas bazaars for cart holders will be set up in various parts of the city.

Capital Development Authority (CDA) officials, during a meeting, decided to move out the landfill site from I-12. It was also decided that the sector will be developed.

Sources said four new proposed sites were discussed and the matter will be presented before the CDA board so a final decision could be taken.

The proposed sites are in Rawat area, Zone IV and one each in sectors H-16 and H-17. “We discussed four sites, now a decision will be taken by the board. There are two issues: one the existing landfill site is about to fill while we are going to start development of I-12 sectors,” said a director of the CDA.

CDA plans to set up 21 Ehsaas bazaars in Islamabad

Earlier, CDA had selected a landfill site in Sangjani area, but during public hearing conducted by Pakistan Environment Protection Agency, people living in the site’s adjoining areas including B-17 raised objections and requested the agency to relocate the site, to protect them from its hazardous impact.

Subsequently, CDA gave up the idea of setting up a landfill site near Sangjani.

Meanwhile, last month CDA and Rawalpindi Development Authority (RDA) decided to jointly establish a new landfill site near Chakwal.

This site will be a permanent solution to the issue while CDA temporarily explores setting up landfill sites in the above mentioned four areas.

Over 600 tonnes of waste is generated in the capital city every day, but it has been without a proper and permanent landfill site, leaving the CDA with no option but to dump garbage in sector I-12. Earlier, in 2004 on the recommendations of an international consultant, the CDA had selected Kuri for establishment of a landfill site, however, in 2012, CDA board in a dubious decision while citing environmental objections decided not to develop the site in Kuri. Ever since then, there has not been a proper landfill.

“Now, we will shift this temporary landfill site to some other place, as we have been facing pressure to start much delayed development of sector I-12,” said an engineer of CDA.

Furthermore, sources said that during a separate meeting between CDA and Metropolitan Corporation Islamabad (MCI) officials, it was decided that 21 Ehsaas bazaars will be set up in various areas of Islamabad to facilitate cart holders.

According to an official who was present at the meeting, 21 such bazaars will be set up gradually on the pattern of the bazaar in G-11. He said officials of Ehsaas Programme, Pakistan Institute of Development Economics (Pide), CDA and MCI are jointly working towards making the initiative a success.

Directorate of Municipal Administration (DMA) Director Ali Asghar said on the recommendations of Ehsaas and Pide, the DMA will issue licences to cart holders.

He said in the first phase bazaars will be established in F-11, G-9 and G-10 and will later be replicated in other areas. “This project will not only create job opportunities but will also provide daily use items and food items at affordable prices,” he said.

Published in Dawn, May 5th, 2021


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