ISLAMABAD: The capital police have revamped the investigation wing but failed to appoint supervisory officers and supporting staff and provide logistics to the wing, sources told Dawn.

In January when the investigation wing of the police was revamped under an executive order issued by the inspector general of police (IGP), four additional posts of SSP, SP and two DSPs were created.

Earlier, the investigation wing of the capital police was supervised by a Grade-18 officer and assisted by two DSPs of CIA and investigation. The wing worked under the deputy inspector general of police (operations).

The wing now has the SSP investigation, two SPs for east and west and four DSPs for City, Rural, Saddar and Industrial Area.

The sources said there was no office, staff and logistics for the SP and DSP. Both the officers are using their own personnel vehicles besides bearing the fuel expense from their own pockets, they added.

There is no office for the wing, so staff has also not been given to them, the sources said, adding the SP required a dozen officials, including a stenographer, clerks, readers, computer operator, gunmen, driver and office boy to run his office.

The DSP office also required similar staff but their number varies, they added

The sources said there was no legal cover for the investigation wing as such department did not exist in the police rules. The Police Order 2002 does mention the investigation wing but the capital police are working under Police Rules not the Police Order, they added.

To give the investigation wing a legal cover, investigation in-charges are appointed at all the police stations, the sources said. Besides, the case report, commonly known as challan, is still submitted by the SHO for trial not the officials of the investigation wing.

Director Media SP Amjad Farooq when contacted told Dawn that due to shortage of manpower, supporting staff had not been provided to the wing.

He, however, said steps were underway to provide logistics, including offices and manpower, to the wing.

“Today, we placed an order for a few vehicles for the wing,” Mr Farooq said.

Replying to a question with regard to separating the investigation from operations through an executive order, the director media said the decision to separate the investigation wing was not against the spirit of the rules.

Published in Dawn, February 23rd, 2021



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