Lessons to carry in 2021

This is regarding the cover story “Lessons to carry in 2021’’ by Ambreen Arshad (YW, January 2). It was a motivational piece of writing.

We should live a happy life, work hard, take care of ourselves and make this year better than 2020. We should try to reach our goals and become a better person than we were before.

I really appreciate the hard work of all the contributors to the Young World, because it is only because of them that we, the readers, get to read articles rich in knowledge and interesting information about the world.

Sumaiya Farooq,



Keeping oneself clean is the best thing one can do for good health. Cleanliness protects us from various diseases that we can otherwise catch due to being dirty or unclean. My message to everyone is to take maximum care of yourself by washing your hands properly, brushing your teeth twice a day and taking a bath daily.

Sheeraz Ahmed,


The world is my canvas

This is regarding the cover story “The world is my canvas” by Benazir Raz (YW, December 12). Graffiti is a beautiful art, showing the power of words through stylising and decorating them. This art-form is very unique but, unfortunately, in our country, graffiti artists are not encouraged so it still hasn’t been seen widespread.

There are a few cafes in the posh areas of cities where one can see walls been dedicated to beautiful graffiti work. I am thankful to the writer for writing on the very unique topic and bringing it to the attention of the youth.

Samara Jabeen,


Finding opportunities

This is with reference to the story “Finding opportunities”, by Muhammad Qasim Shafi (YW, January 2). The article gave a very important lesson that life is a gift of God and by living a desperate life, we are denying the blessings of Allah. Facing obstacles with bravery leads us to be stronger and more confident, giving us the power to face different situations and solve them in different ways.

Fareena Noor,



The story “Finding opportunities” by Muhammad Qasim Shafi, conveyed a very strong message that in the most challenging times we are often given opportunities to grow and improve. It is up to us to keep ourselves always composed and face any situation with courage. Sometime, difficulties are hidden doors to opportunities, so we should always remain positive and look for the best solution possible.

Nadia Kiyani,


Published in Dawn, Young World, January 16th, 2021


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