It was the beginning of a new life for me I was selected in the bookshop by a man. He wanted me to teach his son lessons regarding life, success, failures and much more.

It was a great day for me, because since years I was in this bookshop and no one had needed me. The shopkeeper covered me with a white plastic and put me in a bag.

From that day, a new chapter in my journey started. I was finally being put to use for which I was made, I would teach people and enlighten their lives. Finally, after 20 minutes, we reached my new home. The home was so beautiful and lively, and it even had a library.

The man kept me on a table and called out, “Hammal! Sara! I brought a book. Read it when you are free.”

I felt happy and welcomed. But when I was taken out of the bag and the plastic cover, I saw a boy watching me in anger. Sara was busy talking with her younger sister about school. I was carelessly kept on a table, where I stayed, totally forgotten by everyone. I got bored. I wanted someone to read me.

“Mum,” shouted Hammal, “Where is my mobile? I have been looking for it for a long time.”

Then I saw Hammal walking towards me. I was filled with joy, so Hammal was going to be the first to have lessons from me. However, Hammal simply came near me and picked up a mobile phone kept besides me, which was laughing seeing my disappointment. I too laughed at myself because I do not teach anyone to be angry or sad, since that is my nature. The mobile phone laughed because it has no value, it knows just pleasure. I have knowledge, if someone cares to look for it inside me.

My last hope was Sara. I believed Sara would read me; however, even a book cannot understand all the workings of human nature. The next morning, Sara came to me. She held me and I felt boundless joy in her warm embrace. For the first time I felt wanted, cared for and loved.

But I was wrong again, for she walked towards the library with me. I thought a library is a place to read, but it is a place to keep books which are not going to be read.

She kept me on the first shelf on the first row. And, do you know, since that day, no one has read me. I have been in the same position for a year now, covered with dust and forgotten.

Maybe the biggest fault in me is being a book. What if I was a mobile phone? No one would let me far from them, no one would forget me, no one would disrespect me or look at me with anger.

Published in Dawn, Young World, January 9th, 2021


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