HYDERABAD, Oct 2: On the call of Sindh Water Committee, activists of the Awami Tehrik took out processions across Sindh on Sunday in protest against World Bank for supporting construction of big dams in Pakistan.

They resolved that the people of Sindh would not accept such plans which were detrimental to their interests.

They criticized World Bank for offering huge funds to be used for anti-Sindh plans.

They demanded that World Bank should stop funding for the construction of Kalabagh dam.

In Hyderabad, they took out a procession from Hyder Chowk and held a sit-in on the press club road.

Awami Tehrik chief and Sindh Water Committee president Rasool Bux Palijo led the protesters.

He said the rulers wanted to convert Sindhis into a nation of slaves and beggars by depriving them of Indus waters.

He warned that if Kalabagh dam was constructed, the consequences would be disastrous.

Nazeer Qureshi, Vishno Mal, Nazeer Memon and Zahida Shaikh also spoke on the occasion.

SANGHAR: Activists of the Awami Tehrik took out a procession in protest against proposed construction of Kalabagh dam.

Dr Rano Kindhani, Bahadur Rind, Ameer Bux Manganhar, Abdul Haq Dahri, Sattar Bugti and Jan Dahri spoke on the occasion.

They said Gen Musharraf had to choose between Pakistan and Kalabagh dam.

They appealed to World Bank not do sanction money for controversial project.

DADU: Hundreds of activists of JSQM and Awami Tehrik observed a token hunger strike outside the press club here on Sunday to protest against funding by World Bank for construction of big dams.

MIRPURKHAS: About 100 Awami Tehrik activists including women and children brought out a procession here on Sunday.

AT leaders Sarwar Jarwar advocate, Noor Narejo advocate and Qadir Mirerani advocate accused the government of rendering land of Sindh barren.

They said World Bank and the IMF had hijacked the government and rulers were following policies of the donor agencies.

They demanded that the government should rescind its decision regarding water projects of Thal canal and Kalabagh dam.

BADIN: Awami Tehrik activists took out processions in Badin and Shaheed Fazal Raho towns to protest against construction of Kalabagh dam and Thal canal.

In Badin, more than 50 activists led by Noor Mohammad Panhwar, Hakeem Halepoto, Jannat Talpur and Bakhtawar Halepoto took out a rally.

The protesters observed a hunger strike on the Shah Latif road.

They raised slogans against the government.

JACOBABAD: A token hunger strike was observed by activists of the Awami Tehrik in protest against construction of Kalabagh dam and Thal canal.

Abdul Jabbar advocate, Qadir Ranto and Qayoom Noonari spoke on the occasion.

They said it was conspiracy against Sindh that World Bank was releasing funds for Kalabagh dam and Thal canal.