SHANGLA: The Bisham tehsil administration imposed fine on several hoteliers, café and restaurant owners for not maintaining hygiene.

Following public complaints, assistant commissioner Khuram Rehman Jadoon visited restaurants in the city and surrounding areas and asked the managements to discard unhygienic water coolers and utensils used to serve food to the guests.

Meanwhile, Mr Jadoon also fined a shopkeeper Rs5,000 for selling substandard stuff to a consumer in Bisham Bazaar.

BLOOD FEUD SETTLED: A local jirga and the police settled a long-running blood feud at Ashar Kot area in Puran on Tuesday.

District police officer Asif Gohar, who was also present on the occasion, said he wanted to end all the blood feuds through the jirga system.

He said the dispute resolution council was also playing a vital role in resolving the petty issues, thus helping to bring down crime rate in the district.

The groups led by Ali Rehman and Hassan Zada promised to live peacefully in future.

Published in Dawn, September 30th, 2020