KARACHI: The Governor of Sind Lt-Gen Rakhman Gul, yesterday [Sept 23] presented a Rs 45.13 crore development programme for the Province for the year 1970-71. Addressing his first Press conference at Governor’s House, he said that while the Provincial Government proposed to spend Rs. 27.03 crore, a sum of Rs. 18.10 crore had been earmarked for autonomous bodies.

The development programme, he added, was formulated earlier this year by the defunct Government of West Pakistan. It showed an increase of about seven per cent over the 1969-70 development programme pertaining to the Sind region. The Governor said immediately after the creation of the new Province, a comprehensive review of the priorities and allocations in the annual development programme was undertaken.

He explained that although the development programme with a total outlay of Rs. 27 crore had been drawn up by the Sind Government, the net resources so far available … both from Provincial revenues and by way of Central grants and loans totalled Rs. 22.73 crore. Consequently, the schemes costing Rs. 4.27 crore already prepared will be implemented when the resources either through savings of the Sind Government’s non-development expenditure or additional funds from the Central Government were available….

Published in Dawn, September 24th, 2020