RAWALPINDI: The Minister for Information and National Affairs, Nawabzada Sher Ali Khan, has issued orders for re-organising the system of film censorship and providing for the advancement of the film industry, it was officially stated here today [Sept 19].

The approach is both corrective and creative. The new system of censorship is motivated by three basic principles: (a) Nothing in conflict with our cultural heritage or social morals will be allowed to be projected; (b) Uniform and consistent standard of censoring films throughout the country will be ensured, and; (c) There will be minimum inconvenience to the producers and importers of films.

This system envisages a Central Board of Film Censors in Rawalpindi as at present and a travelling committee of the Board consisting of three members. … The travelling committee will censor films at the main centres of production — Lahore and Karachi — during its monthly visit. This committee will also censor imported films. It will be assisted by an equal number of persons from an approved panel ... in each city.

...[T]he applicant will be given an opportunity to represent his case at the time of examination of the film, should the film be found unsuitable. … — Agency

Published in Dawn, September 20th, 2020