KARACHI: The Governor of Sind, Lt. Gen. Rakhman Gul, said here yesterday [Aug 9] that he was aiming at maximum decentralisation of powers and functions to the lower echelons of the administration so that most of the problems and grievances of the common people can be redressed on the spot.

In an interview … after an extensive tour of Sind Province, he said he had also directed officers at all levels to be accessible to the people and to keep the provincial government constantly and accurately informed of the opinions and the needs of the common man in the Cities as well as rural areas.

He said that the objective of the dismemberment of One Unit and restoration of pre-1955 provinces was to bring the administration closer to the people and improve its efficiency.

The provincial government at Karachi and its attached departments in Hyderabad are now located close to the people they are required to serve. The people do not now have to travel very long distances for presenting their problems or for seeking redress. … The functionaries of the Government can also now pay more frequent visits to various parts of the province as the area of jurisdiction is much smaller than it was when the whole of West Pakistan was one province. — Agency

Published in Dawn, August 10th, 2020