Sonic Boom

Sonic Boom is one of my favourite cartoons and games. It makes me want to play it all the time!

In the game, there are eight characters: Sonic, Knuckles, Amy, Sticks, Tails, Shadow, Eggman and Zooey. My favourite character is Sonic. I like him because he is the fastest, strongest and he defeats Eggman, the villain, easily.

Shadow is the second strongest. Their super powers are that Sonic rolls into robotic crabs and destroys enemies. Knuckles can injure the enemies by punching them with his sharp knuckles. Amy can crush her enemies with her huge hammer. Tails can destroy his enemies with loud noises such that their wires disconnect. Wire’s attacks the enemies with sticks until they perish. Shadow’s powers are chaos blast and chaos spin. Sonic’s team defeats Eggman most of the time, so he needs to strengthen his side.

Sonic Boom is becoming one of the highest played games on the net, and the most watched too!

Ahmad Raqib,

Via email

A fabulous Eid edition

The Eid edition of Young World on May 24, 2020, was not less than a gift for us in the suffocating atmosphere of this pandemic.

“A fairy tale Eid” by Maverick, made my day because fantasy and imagination are necessary parts of each girl’s life. The virtual celebration of Eid as suggested in the cover story, “Different, but definitely Eid” by Ambreen Arshad, is not a bad idea, indeed. A new experience was introduced by the writer.

Next, I cannot help but speak about the article “Alone at the other edge”, written by Naad-e-Ali Khan. The writer showed us a view which we have not seen before. How nicely he described the situation of health workers and their families, and by the end tears welled up in my eyes.

Let me confess, the message of taking precautions to prevent the spread of Covid-19 has never been delivered that effectively before. I request all the readers to stay at home and stay safe.

Young World is a complete package which satisfies readers of all tastes. Thank you Young World for bringing us such a great magazine to read every week.

Hooriya Naz,


Friendships and social distancing

The article “Insight: Friendships and social distancing”, by Tanzila Asim Zafar (July 04, 2020), is so relatable since we all are now living away from our friends and cousins. Meeting them face-to-face everyday in school and just exchanging messages are very different things. It is not just the same connection.

I miss seeing my friends and I pray that the Covid-19 goes away soon so we can start living our lives without any fear.

Musa Ahmed,


Published in Dawn, Young World, July 11th, 2020