Life after the coronavirus

The arrival of the novel coronavirus changed my life drastically. The coronavirus originated in Wuhan, China, and quickly spread all over the world. By March, it had arrived in Lahore.

That’s when my school decided to shut indefinitely and we were introduced to online schooling. At first the idea seemed impossible, but as I learnt to use it the right way, it suddenly became very exciting. I am in class four and we study on Google Classroom, it is a site for kids to do online school work.

I will tell you the pros and cons of online schooling. The good things are that I have a routine at home, I am still learning every day, I can talk to my friends on FaceTime/Zoom and, most of all, I can relax.

The cons of this lockdown are that I can’t play with my friends, I can’t have fun like in school but, most importantly, I don’t have the company that my friends give me.

Natasha Hassan,


Celebrate individuality

I would like to express my opinion on the article “Celebrate individuality” by Syeda Dua Fatima (Young World, April 25, 2020).

The article was really informative and the writer rightly pointed out that nowadays parents exert a lot of pressure on their children to obtain good marks. Sometimes parents decide the career of their children even if the children don’t have interest in it.

Due to a lot of pressure, sometimes youngsters are unable to achieve their goals. Pressure can also destroy a career.

I believe children should decide and know what they are interested in. Kids should decide their career by themselves and their parents should be there to support them and guide them to achieve their goals without exerting pressure.

Somia Faisal,


Blessed relations

Be thankful for all the relations you have got. Never complaint if you don’t have a brother or a sister, because you never know what good is hidden behind this.

Sometimes you might feel you are alone and you have no one to share things with, especially when you are the only child of your parents.

But don’t worry, you might meet someone who becomes a close friend, just like a sibling. But sometimes we also get hurt by relations, so do not be too attached with people, attach yourself with the Creator, Almighty Allah.

You will never be disappointed and once you make your bond stronger with him, you will stop feeling alone, stop feeling frustrated and will be thankful for what you have.

Kashaf Khuram


Published in Dawn, Young World, May 30th, 2020