PPP leader tells PM to stop adding confusion to chaos, proceed on leave


PPP information secretary Moula Bux Chandio speaks at the press conference at his residence in Hyderabad on Thursday.—Dawn
PPP information secretary Moula Bux Chandio speaks at the press conference at his residence in Hyderabad on Thursday.—Dawn

HYDERABAD: Pakistan Peop­les Party (PPP) information secretary Maula Bux Chandio has said that Prime Minister Imran Khan’s statements and policies in the present situation are only adding to confusion and chaos in the country.

“The prime minister should proceed on leave and let institutions work independently, because his politics is endangering people’s lives,” he remarked.

He was speaking at a press conference at his residence on Thursday evening.

Other PPP activists including Saghir Qureshi and Ahsan Abro were present.

He quoted the PM as saying that Pakistan still did not face a serious situation and wondered that such statement was given in spite of thousands of positive cases emerging in the country.

Chandio insists Covid-19 outbreak in Pakistan is critical

Mr Chandio said that even Supreme Court had given important observations on present coronavirus situation in the wake of a presentation by the attorney general of Pakistan. He said the apex court realised that it was indeed a pandemic. It was only the prime minister who was not sensitised on the issue, adding that he even issued statements that hurt people. “The PM is not even saddened by the death of his party’s lawmaker from Covid-19,” he remarked.

“The present situation has raised the question as to who is in fact ruling over the country and framing policies,” he said.

He argued that the PM clearly looked helpless; he had himself said he was averse to lockdown policy which showed that lockdown was given effect in all four provinces against his consent. “We know those running government sit elsewhere,” he said.

Mr Chandio said there was a legal option which enabled the PM to proceed on leave. “Why doesn’t he proceed on leave?” he asked.

The senior PPP leader said that the PM’s party leaders were adding confusion to the present situation and creating chaos. “Even the Sindh governor is doing the same,” he added.

Alluding to PM’s former special assistant for information Firdous Ashiq Awan, Mr Chandio said he as her former cabinet colleague knew her, adding: “She is just waiting for permission and would start reacting against PTI ... she won’t spare anyone”.

He claimed that Chief Minister Syed Murad Ali Shah was acting on federal government’s advice but the latter was ridiculing his decisions and not taking any step [on control of Covid-19 spread]. He insisted that coronavirus outbreak in Pakistan was critical but the rulers lacked the capacity and seriousness to handle it.

Criticising PTI’s relief measures, he asked: “Does it make sense that PTI distributes billions of rupees and ration among people?”

Published in Dawn, May 22nd, 2020