Schools: sharing burden

May 13, 2020


THIS is apropos the letter ‘Schools perspective’ (April 27). The writer’s arguments are neither based on logic, nor merit, therefore, they do not stand good for consideration by aggrieved students and their parents.

The writer has not considered the fact that services for which the full tuition fee is being demanded are neither being rendered, nor being utilised in full. In this case, how can the fee demand by school owners be justified?

The fact remains, owing to Covid-19 and the subsequent lockdown many workers have been laid off, while many are suffering reduction in their salaries, while many are staying at homes without any salary payment. On the other hand, landlords have reduced rents to their tenants, exports have fallen, local trades are badly affected and, above all, the government is supporting citizens monetarily with the provision of food, not only in Pakistan but worldwide.

Under the prevailing situation, how can private schools be singled out to earn their 100 per cent profit? Why should they be exempted from contribution to the fight against the virus in these testing times? Why should not they share the burden of losses being borne by every common man?

Issuance of fee vouchers on lame excuses by private schools, forcing both students and parents, do not at all stand good for full payment. The Sindh government has already announced a discount in April and May fees, while the courts are also in favour of parents because of the prevailing situation.

Therefore, all private schools must not demand the full fee and bear with parents.

Hasan Adil Malik


Published in Dawn, May 13th, 2020