New decade, new feminism

Sandhya Karamat Barlaas’s piece “New decade, new feminism” (YW, Feb 14, 2020) highlighted the modern-day views on feminism and gender quality.

Most certainly, women’s rights are not all about women, but their right to be considered an equal gender to men and widen the scope of women empowerment and liberation. It explained in detail how it is time to change our traditional way of thinking about women, due to which half our workforce is being treated unfairly with out-of-date ideas and concepts.

Congratulations for writing such a solid, informative and interesting piece.

Nigar Poonawallah,



I would like to share my comment on the beautiful piece “New decade, new feminism” by Sandhya Karamat Barlaas (YW, Feb 14, 2020). We are always fixated with the issue of male and female, when we are just humans and have almost the same DNA.

We are emotionally the same, we eat, drink, love, hate and feel sad or happy in the same way. Then why should our abilities, talents and choices be considered differently?

Why are girls not encouraged to be brave and courageous, why are they locked up indoors, why boys are not allowed to cry and why they are expected to be strong at all times?

We should address girls’ and boys’ issues in the same way.

Bina Ali Husain,



Since our unexpected holidays are here because of the dreaded coronavirus, I would like Young World to give us some ideas as to how to pass our time when we are not being allowed to go and play outside or to meet our friends.

We must understand this is not just a vacation time but because we are fighting a war against a deadly disease on a global basis, we have to adhere to the rules of hygiene and social distancing and along with that utilise our time in a fruitful way.

Rahim Shah,


An interesting issue

Young World’s issue of March 14, 2020, was a lot fun. I particularly enjoyed the weird news section about the Barbie dolls inspiring women series and hope to get my hands on at least one of the inspiring dolls.

The other thing that I enjoyed very much was the chocolate puff pastry star. We tried it at home and it was quite a simple recipe, but the result looked so perfect and professional that my dad thought that my mother had brought it from the bakery.

Thank you Young World!

Osama Bhatti,


Published in Dawn, Young World, April 4th, 2020