Be responsible to defeat the coronavirus

I would like to ask all my countrymen to show good sense in this hour of great difficulty when the coronavirus outbreak is affecting lives all over the world. It is now a pandemic that few countries are free of.

We should realise that social distancing and avoiding crowds is the most important way to curb the fast spread of this virus. Our health and the health of others is literally in our hands – washing hands and avoiding shaking hands and touching our faces can go a long way to save us and others from becoming infected.

So many cases have come up in Pakistan now and so many go undetected because people who may be having it have not gone into quarantine or avoided interacting with others and have not been tested.

People should realise that our healthcare system cannot take an outbreak like the kind that is happening in Italy right now or that China went through. So we must all follow the orders of the authorities and stay safe and make others safe by voluntarily avoiding public places and interaction.

Fatima Iqbal,


Dealing with corruption

This is with reference to the article “Dealing with corruption as students” (YW, March14, 2020), by Syed Farhan Basit. I appreciate the writer for writing such wonderful advice for students and even adults.

A person who is mindful of his actions from a young age and knows how to choose right from wrong will also be an upright and honest adult. Therefore, from we must be careful about our conduct and avoid doing dishonest acts.

I am very thankful to the writer for this and I hope Young World magazine will be publishing such meaningful articles in the future too.

Hammal Naseer,


The power of positivity

This is regarding the article “The power of positivity” by Kainat Mahessar (YW, February 29, 2020).

I truly appreciate the writer for providing us with such a fantastic article to read. It completely touched my heart and reflected my imagination when I was in ninth grade. The backbenchers in my class were very stubborn and ill-mannered.

They often teased and said scornful words to me too.

At the same time, I used to practice public speaking. During a free period, I delivered a speech on the power of positively and talked about such aspects that indirectly hinted at those backbenchers. Once I finished with that, they hugged me and promised to maintain good behaviour.

Asif Murad,


Published in Dawn, Young World, March 28th, 2020