Citizen’s portal

12 Feb 2020


APROPOS the letters appearing in these columns on the above subject. I have written to the citizen’s portal on a number of occasions and received an official response that was callous and pathetic. In all instances the complaint has been marked closed without even addressing the issue.

Allow me to quote one example. Recently I lodged three complaints with the Tehsil Municipal Authority, Gojra ,for the repair of damaged water supply pipes in our locality. The TMA officials did not even bother to reply.

As the ground water of our locality is saline, the water supply lines may have collapsed and residents are getting water supplies mixed with sewerage. Since a large neighbourhood has been affected many other residents too have complained to the TMA authorities. The TMA officials have marked the complaint as resolved without addressing the complaint. This is tantamount to mocking the citizens and deceiving prime minister’s office.

Saad Goraya
Gojra, Punjab

Published in Dawn, February 12th, 2020