Use of modern technology in livestock sector can help country prosper: Murad

Published February 10, 2020
Chief Minister Syed Murad Ali Shah is all smiles as he handles a kid in his lap while visiting the Sindh Livestock Expo 2020 in a car.—Dawn
Chief Minister Syed Murad Ali Shah is all smiles as he handles a kid in his lap while visiting the Sindh Livestock Expo 2020 in a car.—Dawn

HYDERABAD: Speaking as chief guest at a seminar held at the closing ceremony of Sindh Livestock Expo 2020 here, Sindh Chief Minister Syed Murad Ali Shah said that in the Pakistan, there were animals belonging to unique and top quality breeds which could be produced on modern techniques so that more and better milk, and meat could be procured to meet requirement of the country.

He said that after visiting various stalls of the expo, he learnt about such top breeds of animals which could benefit the country and countrymen a lot.

The livestock fair would be organised every year and the budget would be allocated for 2020-21 in this regard so that Minister for Livestock Abdul Bari Pitafi could facilitate the event, he told media and participants of the seminar held here off the Hatri bypass, Hyderabad, organised by the Sindh livestock and fisheries department in collaboration with other ones.

He said the Sindh government was working to promote livestock and agriculture on priority because 60 per cent of the entire population of the country depended on those two sectors.

He said livestock, fisheries and agriculture were growth indicators as well. He said animals were brought to the expo and that credit went to the Sindh livestock department. A unique exhibition which was a major challenge, but the livestock minister accepted and fulfilled it. Animals were brought to the exhibition and people, especially dairy farmers and breeders, came from across the country, he said, adding that they had an excellent opportunity to learn from each other while 25 lectures and presentations were delivered in seminars during that two-day fair to disseminate awareness and modus operandi about new techniques.

Answering questions of reporters, the CM said that the Sindh government respected the order of the judiciary and made all efforts to implement them, while railway track would be cleared in Karachi in accordance with the order of the Supreme Court.

He said that at once, people could not be rendered homeless; they would be given alternative places and then encroachments would be removed.

Speaking about the issue of transfer and posting of the inspector general of police (IGP) Sindh, he said that a letter was written to the federal government as per a decision of the cabinet and hoped that the Centre would consider it seriously.

“We have introduced a new breed of rooster weighing 6-7 kilograms; its meat could be ample for the entire Degh (cauldron),” Sindh Minister for Livestock Abdul Bari Pitafi said this while addressing the event and thanking all the guests.

He said the livestock must be focused for betterment of people who banked on 60 per cent livestock and 40 per cent agriculture in the country. Meanwhile, cash prizes and certificates were awarded to the breeders and malakhrro, horse race, fireworks were held.

Published in Dawn, February 10th, 2020



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