Palestine & Kashmir

04 Feb 2020


IT is shocking that Zionist elements within the Jewish community whose ancestors were once victims of collective punishments and atrocities almost 75 years ago are today perpetrators of similar atrocities committed against Palestinians in Gaza and West Bank.

While Auschwitz was liberated by Russian troops, the world stands by and allows unchecked brutalities and atrocities committed against Palestinians living in the land of Palestine for centuries, and Kashmiris living under Indian occupation, confined to their homes because of a curfew for over 100 days.

In 1992, the world witnessed the systematic murder and ethnic cleansing of Muslims living in Bosnia and Herzegovina, once part of Yugoslavia, at the hands of Serbs and Croats. Visuals of Srebrenica massacre have haunted world conscience, where almost 100,000 people were killed and 20,000 women raped.

The victims of Bosnia and Herzegovina got some sort of justice from the International Court of Justice in 2008, but Palestinians and Kashmiris still await justice.

There has been a rise in intolerance with right-wing nationalism and neo-Nazi groups gaining foothold, although still in minority, within Europe, the US, Africa, Myanmar, India, etc.

In India the elected government openly touts Hindu supremacist groups who go on a rampage, killing Muslims, Dalits and Christians, destroying their places of worship, while the world looks on.

M. Ali


Published in Dawn, February 4th, 2020