January 18, 2020


Programming myths busted

This refers to the article “Programming myths busted” by Rahul Karamat Barlaas (YW, January 4, 2020). The article was very informative and of great interest to students, especially science ones.

The article, in a very simple and easy-to-understand way, explained what programming is all about. At least for me it cleared a lot of confusion regarding this subject as I considered it to be very tough and boring.

There are so many subjects and career fields that students do not have any awareness about in Pakistan, and this leaves them unable to make the right subject selection and career choice. I am grateful to Young World for printing such a useful write up for it readers and hope that in future too more such articles are printed that guide us in our studies.

Amir Abdullah,


A gift for safekeeping

This refers to the story “A gift for safekeeping” by Iqra Aslam Memon (YW, January 11, 2020). The story was a very realistic depiction of a situation that many of us have faced.

So many times we know we are not supposed to open and see what is inside an envelope or box meant for someone else, and still we cannot resist the urge to open it and check. Sometimes it can be just an invitation card meant for our parents or something usual like that, but we must realise that if something is not ours, we should not open it.

In this story, the boy had the additional responsibility of keeping the gift safe and finally he was able to make the right choice by the advice of his mother. We too must always try to keep the trust someone places in us by giving us something for safekeeping or by telling us a secret that they do not want others to know. Often we don’t keep our word and tell that thing to others and soon everyone comes to know about it and in the process we lose our friendship.

We should be very careful when someone places their trust in us and should never betray that trust.

Sheema Kamran,


Blind trust

This feedback is regarding the story “Blind trust” written by Hijab Abbasi, (YW, January 4, 2020). This story showed that not everybody is our friend and not everybody is trustworthy. It showed that even friends can betray us, no matter how long we have known that person. We should be very selective about who to trust.

Betrayal is one of the worst things one can do to someone and the people who place blind trust on everybody deceive themselves. We should be very careful about whom we choose to share and tell our personal things because we never know who might betray our trust.

Paras Zahid,


Published in Dawn, Young World, January 18th, 2020