Karoonjhar hills

December 10, 2019


KAROONJHAR hills are situated in Tharparkar near Nagarparkar on the northern edge of the Runn of Kutch. It contains granite rocks and Chinese clay. The Karoonjhar range is 19km in length and has a height of 305 meters. These mountains are rich in mineral deposits.

Karoonjhar dam supplies water to the people of Nagarparkar area and in monsoon season the rainwater pours down from the mountain and flows in more than 20 streams. Bhatiani, Maoo, Gordaro, Ranaser, Sukhpur, Ghatiari, Madanwah, Moondaro, Bhodeser, Lolrai, Drah, Puranwah to the Rann of Kutch are a few of them.

Apart from its beauty, Karoonjhar has economic significance for the local people as it is rich in minerals and plants having medicinal value.

However, some contractors have been destroying these beautiful hills by cutting them and excavating and removing valuable minerals. Karoonjhar hills are home to animals, birds and rare species, including peacocks, deer, etc.

It was the only water source for humans, birds and animals in Nagarparkar. It also stood as a symbol of civilisation of indigenous communities and their culture. The elected representative from Tharparkar and local government officials should act.

Ali Nawaz Rahimoo

Published in Dawn, December 10th, 2019