ALIGARH: The following correspondence passed between Mr. Gandhi and Mr. Jamiluddin Ahmad, Convener, Committee of Writers of the All-India Muslim League, which the latter has released to the Press:-

Dear Mr. Gandhi, It appears from your correspondence with Mr. Jinnah that you are not clear on the question of Pakistan vis-à-vis independence and the doctrine of self-determination ... You have also stated in one of your Press interviews that if the Gandhi-Rajaji proposals stultify the Lahore Resolution of the Muslim League, you are willing to be educated. I am, therefore, taking the liberty to send you herewith two articles entitled ‘Pakistan and Independence’ and ‘Fallacies about Pakistan’ and a pamphlet with the question of separate nationality of the Musalmans; and I hope a perusal of these articles will serve to some extent to clarify some of the issues, and help you to appreciate the Muslim point of view… Mr. Gandhi’s reply which was in Urdu is as follows:-

Brother Jamil Saheb: Your letter dated 7-10-1944. The book which Qaid-e-Azam gave me contains better arguments than your writings. It produced no effect on me. What to do? How will you be able to do what Qaid-e-Azam could not do?...Yours, (Sd.) M.K. Gandhi

Published in Dawn, November 17th, 2019