Advice: Think before you speak

November 09, 2019


Words have a lot of power and through our words, we can make anyone laugh or cry. The tongue has no bones but it is said that it is strong enough to break a heart, so we should think twice before we speak. This is nothing new and we all have heard it many times, but a few people actually implement it.

Sometimes it is because of anger or misunderstanding, lack of tolerance or listening to a one-sided story that one ends up speaking without really thinking about what one is going to say.

There is forgiveness for every sin, but there is no forgiveness for breaking someone’s heart. That is why all religions forbid anger because when one is angry, one loses the ability to think and so a person speaks without thinking and has to repent later. Just the way an arrow cannot come back once it has been shot, similarly, we cannot take back words we that have spoken. Most of the time, it is our tongue that lashes out to create all the trouble.

Sometimes in anger, people end up saying things that can break their relationships. As we all know, most divorces take place in anger and our words have so much power that when the husband pronounces divorce, the strong relationship of a husband and wife can just come to an end.

There are times when we are not so tolerant of other people’s views and when we disagree with something, an argument begins. We immediately become angry that how could someone dare to say something in front of us that we don’t agree with. People start to use abusive words over little things. Being in bad traffic and getting angry is a common example, which almost all of us have experienced and it is called road rage.

Listening to only a one-sided story and accusing one person of being bad and the other as good is equal to listening to just half the truth. It is better to calm down and listen to both sides of the story before you decide who has been in the wrong and should apologise to the other person who was right all along.

It is said that a physical injury can heal but the emotional scars left by hurtful words last for long. Words are slaves to humans, but only before they are spoken. Once they are spoken, man becomes a slave to words. We are recognised by the way we talk, our speech represents our life. Our words are a reflection of who we are.

Words are an invaluable treasure from which we can either make space in anyone’s heart or can lose it. Our words have different tastes like food, so just the way we serve food, we also serve words. Before serving words, we should taste them to check that they must taste or sound good to the other person.

Too much talking is usually a sign of nervousness or stupidity. Before you say something, ask yourself, is it true? Is it kind? Is it necessary? Speak only if the answer to these questions is yes. There is a saying that the tongue is a good servant but a terrible master. Put effort into controlling your words and it will change your life.

Published in Dawn, Young World, November 9th, 2019