Dogs will bite

04 Nov 2019


STRAY dogs belong to nobody. The animal rights advocates are not prepared to adopt them. These canines need little to eat and produce a large number of offspring, multiplying at a rapid pace.

An alarming number, 150 cases of dog bites occur daily in Karachi. It is estimated that 2,000 to 5,000 people are affected by rabies every year in Pakistan.

There are only two ways for the elimination of this fatal disease — the management of dog population through mass vaccination or mass culling.

There was a time when the municipality was successful in controlling the dog population by mass culling and prevention or reducing the incidence of rabies. Owing to neglect over the years, the stray dog population has increased tremendously and their habitat has become so vast that no single method will be successful to decrease their numbers.

People of all ages are harassed by dogs while schoolchildren are frequent victims. Women especially are afraid of dogs. A radical solution and quick action is required immediately to address this menace.

Dr Khalil Mukaddam

Published in Dawn, November 4th, 2019