Agriculture technology

Oct 22 2019


IF the government develops a plan to introduce new agriculture technologies among the farmers of Pakistan, the country will quickly increase its agriculture output leading to more exports, and an increase in food production which will help reduce poverty.

The government should identify the crops, the most suitable technology and later the target areas.

The government must invite private sector to invest and become distributors of the agriculture technology in selected areas. Each selected party will have to invest Rs2.5 million for stock and get a place to operate in the area designated to them.

The government should provide 50 per cent cost grant for the first five customers. It should also provide free installation of equipment and training to these first five customers for each distributor.

The success of these five farms will persuade more farmers to buy the same product after they see the positive results. For this, the government should provide interest-free Islamic loans to farmers for 10 years through the distributor.

The government can solicit the help of China, Germany and other helpful nations to shortlist suppliers of the required agriculture technology, who are willing to sell initial stock to distributors at competitive prices.

The primary condition should be that the sellers should be tasked with installing and provide training in the first five orders. Besides they should also guarantee continuous online help and eventually install a production factory in Pakistan if their sale target is achieved in two years.

Shahryar Khan

Published in Dawn, October 22nd, 2019