There was no edition of the paper on Oct 17, 1969, on account of the death anniversary of Liaquat Ali Khan a day before. The following is an excerpt from the Oct 16 edition.

RAWALPINDI: The Chief Election Commissioner Justice Abdus Sattar today [Oct 15] appealed to the people to evince interest in getting themselves registered as voters for the next elections and help the enumerators who are starting their work tomorrow.

In a speech broadcast from Radio Pakistan on the eve of the launching of the enrolment drive throughout the country, he also pointed out the responsibility of political parties and the Press to create an awareness for the purpose.

He also explained significant departures from the previous electoral procedure.

The Election Commission chief enumerated the special measures that have been undertaken to ensure that the electoral rolls prepared are fair and genuine. In this connection, he particularly mentioned the newly introduced form III to be signed by the head or a senior member of family which would commit both the enumerator and the householder to the correctness of the entries.

Published in Dawn, October 17th, 2019