Online shopping

September 12, 2019


THIS refers to issues faced by online shoppers. I recently bought a generator from a leading online website which was delivered to me on Aug 5. The gas kit was missing from the generator.

I informed the seller on the specified chat facility. The seller told me to lodge a complaint with the online website management which I did after several days but in the month of August.

The representative from the call centre informed me that according to their policy a gas kit would not be provided to me because I had registered my complaint after a lapse of certain days after the delivery of the generator.

My point is: if somehow a buyer could not register a complaint within a specified number of days, does he lose his right on the item of the deal he had paid for?

The missing item is still in the inventory of the seller and the online market does not want to give it to the actual owner who had paid for it.

I think such policies are more in favour of the seller and do not support the customer. A revision in such policies will certainly safeguard the customers’ interests.

Ahsan Raza Khan

Published in Dawn, September 12th, 2019