Artificial inflation

August 23, 2019


THERE is no doubt we are facing unprecedented inflation these days and super markets, restaurants even retail shopkeepers are taking full advantage of it.

They sell items on much higher rates than the actual prices fixed by the government. This artificial inflation is adding fuel to fire.

For instance, well-known restaurants in Islamabad are openly selling mineral water bottles and soft drinks at high rates. Prices mentioned on the bottle clearly states ‘including tax’, which means the tax is already been paid, therefore, asking for a higher price is clearly a violation of law.

If stores, restaurants or shopkeepers do not sell these items on the price that are clearly mentioned by the manufacturers, how can we expect them to sell other items on the actual price?

Unfortunately, the price control authorities do not take action. My complaint number IS020819-3934086 regarding such overcharging is also pending with the PM complaint cell.

I urge Prime Minister Imran Khan to order authorities concerned to keep vigilant checks on shopkeepers who are overpricing. All retailers involved in creating this artificial inflation should be heavily penalised.

J. A. Satti

Published in Dawn, August 23rd, 2019