LANDI KOTAL: Speakers at a function urged poets and writers of Khyber tribal district to revive the tradition of mushaira on social events and said that Baba-i-Pashto ghazal Amir Hamza Khan Shinwari along with his colleagues had introduced the tradition of poetry recitation session on celebratory occasions including wedding, engagement, circumcision, reconciliation of rival groups and Eid festivals.

Poets advocated peace, national unity and patriotism in their poems. Some poets recited satiric and humorous poems yet others registered an impact on the participants through their serious thematic couplets.

Khyber Pakhto Adabi Jirga (KPAJ) conducted the mushaira at the hujra of Haji Javed Alamkhani the other day. A large number of elders and poetry lovers attended the event.

Around 40 Pashto poets from parts of Khyber tribal district recited their poetic pieces and received great applause from the audience.

A physically challenged poet Ashraf Tarun stole the show.

The crux of his inspiring poem was that though he had physical disability yet his lofty imagination could contribute much to the society and the country at large.

Prof Aslam Taseer while speaking as chief guest said that poets and writers should revive the golden tradition introduced by Amir Hamza Baba in the early 40s where local bards would gather on the occasions of social events and shared their lofty thoughts with public.

He said that Hamza Baba and his colleagues used social gatherings as strong platform to educate people on a number of issues.

Prof Tawab Shah Masroor, chief of KPAJ, said that the credit went to Haji Javed Alamkhani, who fulfilled his promise to revive the tradition of mushaira on the wedding ceremony of his sons and nephew instead of other useless extravaganzas. He said that people learnt many lessons from poets and writers.

Haris Khan, a young poet, said that poetry was not just a mental luxury or jugglery of words rather it was a God gifted art, which could be used for spreading peace, love for land and people.

Haji Javed, an active member of KPAJ, said that since long he had been wishing to revive the tradition of mushaira on social events with an objective to bring an end to firing in the air, gambling and other useless activities.

Noted poets including Riaz Shah Afridi, Yar Hussain Sahil, Kabir Khan, Mohammad Sameen Patang and Nisar Shinwari received rounds of claps from the audience.

Published in Dawn, August 19th, 2019