Dogfight champs among 578 recipients of gallantry awards

Updated 15 Aug 2019


President Arif Alvi has allowed grant of military awards and commendation certificates to 578 officers and soldiers of Pakistan Army, Navy and Air Force. — DawnNewsTV/File
President Arif Alvi has allowed grant of military awards and commendation certificates to 578 officers and soldiers of Pakistan Army, Navy and Air Force. — DawnNewsTV/File

RAWALPINDI: President Arif Alvi has allowed grant of military awards and commendation certificates to 578 officers and soldiers of Pakistan Army, Navy and Air Force.

The PAF pilots who shot down two Indian fighter jets in the post-Pulwama aggression at the Line of Control in February were prominent among the recipients of the awards. In his March 6 address to the National Assembly, Foreign Minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi had praised Wing Commander Mohammad Noman Ali Khan and Squadron Leader Hasan Mahmood Siddiqui for shooting down the Indian Air Force planes.

In a statement issued by the Inter-Services Public Relations (ISPR), the officers and soldiers of three services have been conferred gallantry awards for displaying bravery, dedication, commitment and professionalism during different operations, particularly those against the Indian aggression.

In all, one Sitara-i-Jur’at, two Tamgha-i-Jur’at, eight Sitara-i-Basalat, 88 Tamgha-i-Basalat, 94 Imtiazi Asnad, 113 COAS Commendation Cards, 23 Hilal-i-Imtiaz (Military), 112 Sitara-i-Imtiaz (Military) and 137 Tamgha-i-Imtiaz (Military) were granted approval.

Wing Commander Mohammad Noman Ali Khan has been conferred with Sitara-i-Jur’at, while Group Capt Faheem Ahmad Khan and Sq Leader Hasan Mahmood Siddiqui have been conferred with Tamgha-i-Jur’at.

The eight Sitara-i-Basalat went to Shaheed Subedar-Major Munawar Khan (Artillery), Shaheed Lance Naik Razaullah (FC, Balochistan), Shaheed Lance Naik Nazir Khan (Northern Light Infantry), Shaheed Sepoy Imdad Ullah Khan (NLI), Capt Syed Ailya Hasan (PN), Lt Commander Humair Iftikhar (PN), Air Cdr Zaffar Aslam and Group Capt Rana Ilyas Hassan (PAF).

The personnel who have been conferred with Tamgha-i-Basalat are namely:

Col Ayub Haider (AK Regiment), Shaheed Capt Nawabzada Jazib Rehman (Armoured Corps), Shaheed Subedar Mohammad Tariq (FC, Balochistan), Shaheed Subedar Mohammad Riaz (Baloch Regiment), Shaheed Subedar Abdul Khaliq (Baloch Regiment), Shaheed Naib Subedar Gul Shahadat (FC, Balochistan), Shaheed Naib Subedar Ikramullah (FC, Bln), Shaheed Naib Subedar Ulfat Hussain (Arty), Shaheed Havaldar Abdul Rehman (FC, Bln), Shaheed Havaldar Muhammad Jan (Sindh Regiment), Shaheed Havaldar Abdur Rab (Punjab Regiment), Shaheed Havaldar Khuram Ali (Sindh Rg), Shaheed Naik Saifur Rehman (FC, Bln), Shaheed Naik Mohammad Nawaz (FC, Bln), Shaheed Naik Mumtaz Ali (FC, Bln), Shaheed Naik Mohammad Sajid (FC, Bln), Shaheed Naik Lal Khan (FC, Bln), Shaheed Naik Umer Shakoor (FC, Bln), Shaheed Naik Amir Shahzad (Engineers), Shaheed Naik Shafiullah (FC, Bln), Shaheed Lance Naik Allah Jan (FC, Bln), Shaheed Lance Naik Abdul Rehman (FC, Bln), Shaheed Lance Naik Noor Hassan (FC, Bln), Shaheed Lance Naik Saeed Khan (FC, Bln), Shaheed Lance Naik Shah Mohammad (FC, Bln), Shaheed Lance Naik Rahman (FC, KP), Shaheed Lance Naik Sakhiullah Khan (FC, Bln), Shaheed Lance Naik Ehsan Ullah (FC, Bln), Shaheed Lance Naik Wasim Ullah (FC, Bln), Shaheed Lance Naik Zafar Iqbal (NLI), Shaheed Lance Naik Mohammad Ali (NLI), Shaheed Lance Naik Nowshad Khan (FC, KP), Shaheed Sepoy Mohammad Khan (FC, Bln), Shaheed Sepoy Naseebullah (FC, Bln), Shaheed Sepoy Sajjad Ahmed (FC, Bln), Shaheed Sepoy Yasin Shah (FC, Bln), Shaheed Sepoy Mohammad Bashir Khan (FC, Bln), Shaheed Sepoy Mohammad Anwar (FC, Bln), Shaheed Sepoy Munawar Khan (FC, Bln), Shaheed Sepoy Mohammad Alam Khan (FC, Bln), Shaheed Sepoy Noman Khan (FC, Bln), Shaheed Sepoy Wajidur Rehman (FC, Bln), Shaheed Sepoy Asadullah (FC, Bln), Shaheed Sepoy Khalil Ahmed (FC, Bln), Shaheed Sepoy Mohammad Junaid (FC, Bln), Shaheed Sepoy Mohammad Naveed (FC, Bln), Shaheed Sepoy Shah Jamal (FC, Bln), Shaheed Sepoy Imran (FC, Bln), Shaheed Sepoy Kanwal Aftab (FC, Bln), Shaheed Sepoy Sabil Ahmed (FC, Bln), Shaheed Sepoy Haq Nawaz (FC, Bln), Shaheed Sepoy Gul Jan (FC, Bln), Shaheed Sepoy Mohammad Luqman (FC, Bln), Shaheed Sepoy Noor Aslam (FC, Bln), Shaheed Sepoy Umar Khan (FC, Bln), Shaheed Sepoy Bakhtar Jan (FC, KP), Shaheed Sepoy Khan Wazir (FC, KP), Shaheed Sepoy Zakir Ali (FC, KP), Shaheed Sepoy Akmal Khan (Frontier Force), Shaheed Sepoy Wasiullah (FF), Shaheed Sepoy Abdul Majeed (Sindh Regiment), Shaheed Sepoy Maqsood Ahmed (Sindh), Shaheed Sepoy Majid Ali (Sindh), Shaheed Sepoy Mohammad Ramzan (Baloch Regiment), Shaheed Sepoy Mudassar Tufail (Baloch), Shaheed Sepoy Mohammad Yousaf (Baloch), Shaheed Sepoy Asad Ali (Baloch), Shaheed Sepoy Din Mohammad (Baloch), Shaheed Sepoy Sajid Ali Shah (AK Regiment), Shaheed Sepoy Mohammad Kaleem (AK), Shaheed Jahanzeb Iftikhar (Signals), Capt Amir Iqbal Khan (PN), Lt Commander Khurram Dad (PN), Lt Commander Zulfiqar Ali (PN), Lt Jamshaid Hussain (PN), Lt Noman Majeed (PN), Lt Bilal Nazir (PN), MCPO/MAR Mehboob Hussain (PN), MAR-I-CD-III Mohammad Islam (PN), Air Cdr Haider Ali Shah, Air Cdr Umar Naeem Zahoor, Air Cdr Tahir Mehmood, Wing Commander Mohammad Suleman Ghani, Wing Commander Syed Nabeel Masood, Wing Commander Amer Imran, Wing Commander Adnan Mahmood, Wing Commander Shahzad Nawab and Sq Leader Faisal Hassan.

Following officers and men have been conferred with Imtiazi Sanad:

Brig Saad Al Abd (CMI), Brig Anwar Ahmed (Punjab Regiment), Col Wajid Saleem (FF), Col Mohammad Shafiq Malik (ISPR), Lt Col Kabir Khan (AK), Lt Col Taher Mushtaq Ahmed Dar (Arty), Maj Syed Atif Hussain Shah (FF), Maj Shahid Ali (FF), Capt Ghulam Mustafa (FF), Capt Mumtaz Ali (Arty), Capt Syed Ali Raza Shah (Baloch), Capt Adnan Malik (NLI), Capt Awais Masood (Arty), Capt Hidayatullah (Sindh), Lt Haseeb Ashraf (NLI), Lt Hussain Akbar (AK), Subedar Ijaz Hussain (FC, Bln), Subedar Khurshid Ahmed (FC, Bln), Subedar Mian Jan (FC, KP), Subedar Said Akbar (FC, KP), Havaldar Shafiullah (FC, Bln), Havaldar Sahib Jan (FC, Bln), Havaldar Munawar Shah (FC, Bln), Havaldar Zabtah Khan (FC, Bln), Havaldar Mohammad Farooq (FC, KP), Havaldar Asif Mohammad (FC, KP), Havaldar Sadat Hussain Adil (FC, KP), Havaldar Mir Baiz Khan (NLI), Havaldar Hazrat Mohammad (CMI), Havaldar Syed Iltaf Hussain (FF), Havaldar Amjid Ali (Arty), Naik Nafid Khan (FC, Bln), Naik Manzoor Ahmed (FC, Bln), Naik Mohammad Yasin (FC, Bln), Naik Tariq Aziz (FC, Bln), Naik Abdul Sattar (FC, Bln), Naik Noor Azam (FC, Bln), Naik Sabir Hussain (NLI), Naik Mohammad Sulaman, (Sindh), Lance Naik Alamgir Khan (FC, Bln), Lance Naik Rehmat Shah (FC, Bln), Lance Naik Abdul Rafi (FC, Bln), Lance Naik Mureed Abbas Jaffari (FC, Bln), Lance Naik Hafeezur Rehman (FC, KP), Lance Naik Dawood Khan (FC, KP), Lance Naik Bahadur Khan (NLI), Sepoy Rehman Farooq (Punjab), Sepoy Shakirullah (FC, Bln), Sepoy Arab Khan (FC, Bln), Sepoy Qudratullah (FC, Bln), Sepoy Mohammad Zahid (FC, Bln), Sepoy Dil Jan (FC, Bln), Sepoy Shahi Rehman (FC, Bln), Sepoy Mohammad Zubair (FC, Bln), Sepoy Adnan (FC, Bln), Sepoy Waqar Ahmed (FC, Bln), Sepoy Irfanullah (FC, KP), Sepoy Farhadullah Khan (NLI), Sepoy Hidayat Shah (NLI), Sepoy Shahzad Ahmed (FF), Sepoy Mohammad Ishaq (FF), Sepoy Basharat Ali (Baloch), Mohammad Ejaz Hussain (Engrs), Surg Lt Cdr Ammarah Tahir (PN), Lt Shah Faisal Mehmood (PN), Lt Muhammad Saqib Majeed (PN), Lt Mohammad Haris Naghman (PN), Air Vice Marshal Sarfraz Khan, AVM Irfan Ahmad, AVM Mohammad Nadeem Sabir, AVM Chaudhary Ahsan Rafiq, AVM Salman Mehboob, Air Cdr Haider Raza Khan, Air Cdr Mohammad Saghir Ahmad, Air Cdr Syed Muhammad Ali, Air Cdr Mohammad Ehsanul Haq, Air Cdr Nauman Waheed, Air Cdr Azhar Ali, Group Capt Riaz Qaisar, Group Capt Mohammad Umar, Group Capt Mohammad Asif Azam, Wing Commander Mohsin Pervez, Wing Commander Imtiaz Rahim Shahzada, Wing Commander Yawar Abbas, Wing Commander Rashid Mehmood Sulehri, Wing Commander Shujaat Ali Khan, Wing Commander Azfar Khaleeq, Sq Leader Waqar Saleem, Sq Leader Syed Fahad Baber, Sq Leader Syed Sibtain Akhtar Gardezi, Sq Leader Zubair Naseer, Sq Leader Umer Arshad, Sq Leader Mohammad Abdullah and Sq Leader Azhar Hassan Shah.

Published in Dawn, August 15th, 2019