ARTICLE 370 of the Indian constitution bestowed a special status on the state of Jammu and Kashmir. This gave people of the occupied territory a level of autonomy to make their own laws and policies. This provision, however, was never honoured in letter and spirit by successive Indian governments.

The puppets installed by New Delhi in the occupied valley in the last 70 years have always claimed that owing to Article 370, India’s interference in Jammu and Kashmir is legitimate. Their fig leaf has now been snatched.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s undermining of the Indian constitution is a stratagem to know the reaction of other political parties and the public. If the BJP government gets away with it, it will open the door to other changes in the Indian constitution.

Pakistan and India have different policies on Kashmir. Pakistan says the people of Jammu and Kashmir be given the right to join either of the two countries while India unjustly claims the entire territory of Kashmir as theirs.

The recent developments are a worrying situation for Islamabad as this would lead to ethnic cleansing by the Indians.

Modi will be happy at Pakistan’s predicament as now it has no choice except increase its military expenditure to meet any eventuality from across the border.

M. Hamza Nazir


AFTER violating ceasefire by dropping cluster bombs on Neelum valley, India again offended the world by issuing a presidential ordinance revoking Article 370 which gave a special status to occupied Kashmir.

According to this article, no Indian citizen from other states could purchase any land or property in India occupied Kashmir. Now it will no longer have a special status and will be part of the Indian union.

It is a condemnable step and a sheer violation of various UN Resolutions and the Simla agreement, which demand this dispute to be resolved through dialogue according to the aspirations of the Kashmiri people.

This move is also a reaction to America’s arbitration offer and will interfere with the China Pakistan Economic Corridor.

India must understand that any callous, impetuous or irrational step will exacerbate the already intensified situation and will be an impediment to peace in the region.

It is time for Pakistan to adopt an effective approach on this issue, for a vague stance will not bode well for Pakistan and Kashmir.

The international community must play its role to avert any warlike intentions of India.

Ayesha Khalid


THE ‘constitutional’ change announced by Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi to withdraw special rights conferred on the people of Indian occupied Kashmir and start a genocide of Kashmiri Muslims do not bode well for world peace.

Pakistan and all peace-loving nations should raise their voice at all international forums on behalf of the Kashmiri people.

The latest perfidy by New Delhi is the sort of mischief that brings angst to peace.

Bakhtawar Shaikh


HINDUVTA politics in the world’s so-called largest democracy has once again brought more misery for the people of Indian occupied Kashmir. The act of revoking Article 370 of the Indian constitution is a new dark chapter in the Bharatiya Janata Party’s realpolitik.

India’s latest act of infamy is a violation of the Fourth Geneva Convention’s Article 49. The after-effects of this action will throw up major challenges to Pakistan’s civil and military leadership who recently visited the United States and ended the trip on a high note.

Since Kashmir is a major security concern for Pakistan, it remains to be seen how Islamabad responds.

Khalilullah Ameer


WITH the abrogation of Article 370 dark days are ahead not only for the people of occupied Kashmir but of India and Pakistan too.

New Delhi could not stomach Prime Minister Imran Khan’s visit to the US where he managed to mend fences with Washington and revive the Pakistan-US relationship.

India should not consider itself victorious as not only will the abrogation of the clause increase the unrest in the occupied valley, it will also rekindle the international community’s interest in the 70-year old tragedy.

Pakistan needs to act wisely and start a concerted campaign to get the world to do the right thing with the Kashmiri people.

I. Shahbaz


INDIA has committed perfidy in occupied Kashmir and violated international law. It is sad that the whole world has chosen to remain a silent spectator.

Pakistan’s decision to recall its envoy from New Delhi and tell India’s ambassador to leave the country besides suspending trade ties are laudable measures. However more drastic measures short of war need to be undertaken.

The entire nation is one on this issue and will fully support our civilian and military leadership.

Fayaz Hussain Laghari
Sakrand, Sindh

Published in Dawn, August 9th, 2019