Boost your brain power

This is with reference to the article “Boost your brain power” by Farhan Bukhari (YW, March 2).

The article is quite old now, but I really wanted to disclose motivation and success I had after reading it.

I was assigned a project by my teacher and after trying my level best, I was unable to finish it. I then put everything aside, and I started reading YW magazine and the aforementioned article.

The information in the article was new to me and I was quite astonished to find myself as being left-brained because I am good at mathematics, programming and other logical activities than in English, creating new ideas and presenting them even after trying my best.

It encouraged me to happily finish my project because it is not necessary to be good at everything. Each person has particular interests and abilities that they may be really good at, they just have to discover them.

Jaweria Mukhtiar,


Be smart with your eidi!

This is with reference to the article “Be smart with your eidi” by Madiha Viquar (YW, June 1). The article gave smart suggestions on using the eidi in a good way.

When kids get a lot of money, they usually start wasting it on useless stuff, though they should be buying things they really need instead of using their parents’ money. So elders should tell their kids to use the eidi wisely and give some of it to the poor.

Roheela Adnan,



The article “Be smart with your eidi” by Madiha Viquar had great suggestions for kids to spend their money wisely. Eid is a day for which kids wait the whole year. They look forward to getting more money to buy toys and eat whatever they want. However, I agree with the writer that one should also save some of that money.

Although all the suggestions were great, I found buying more books quite beneficial. Another advice was that you could buy and plant tree saplings which are not too much expensive. This would reduce the temperature of the planet which is rising steadily.

Maaz Asad,

Mirpur, AJK

An Eid tragedy!

This is regarding the story “An Eid tragedy” by Hana Marfani (YW, June 1). The writer conveyed a realistic image regarding the excitement of Eid the family was having. Tragedies do occur and that also suddenly, without one having a single clue. The story gives us a lesson that we should not get afraid of troubles which suddenly come in life and we can only get through the troubles by unity and joint efforts.

Abdul Waheed Rahimoon,


Published in Dawn, Young World, July 6th, 2019