People Speak

June 15, 2019


Mohammad Haroon, 30, salesman
Mohammad Haroon, 30, salesman

“Poor financial situation of my family compelled me to start working at the age of eight. My father was a painter while my mother worked as a maid at various houses. For four to five years, I worked at a hardware shop in Mochi Bazaar. Later, I became a salesman at a garments shop and has been in this profession for the last 15 years.

We are five siblings — three brothers and two sisters. I have a sister younger than me. The rest are older, married and live separately. My younger sister lives with me. She is divorced and works at a canteen in a school. My mother, who became a widow 10 years ago, also lives with me. I am married and have three children. My four-year-old son goes to a school.

You can call me an illiterate. I have just studied till class 2 after which I dropped out and started working.

I get Rs17,000 salary from the shop I work in. I also supplying shopping bags to different shops. This fetches me an extra Rs300-Rs400 per day. My sister also chips in with Rs7,000. If it had not been for my sister, things would had been difficult for me. I have rented a house for Rs15,000.

I have been in this trade for so long that I am confident that if I open my own business, I would do a good job at it. However that requires investment which I do not have. But I am hopeful that one day I might get lucky and have my own shop.”

Published in Dawn, June 15th, 2019