June 15, 2019


Every cloud has a silver lining

This is regarding the story “Every cloud has a silver lining” by Manahil Naeem (YW, May 4). The story had three main points which we must adopt in life. The first is for parents, who must support their children in every situation; their support makes their kids confident.

The second is for those people who lose all hopes and waste their time by becoming idle or depressed. Mishap do happens in everyone’s life, but it doesn’t mean we sit back and cry. One must stand firm and keep moving forward.

The third point is for those who leave their friends because of their fault and ignore all their good qualities. However, we must always remain sincere to our friends as friendship is a unique relation.

Mubarak Ali,



Most of us seem to think that sometimes a little white lie can get us out of a difficult situation, while speaking the truth won’t and it may turn out to be true. But what we fail to realise is that these small lies get us in even deeper trouble. Because in order to hide a single lie, we end up spewing more fibs and we keep doing that up to the point where lying becomes our second nature.

And I don’t think there’d be any sane person who doesn’t know the repercussions we get from lying. It is an immoral act, no religion allows it, it is frowned upon by everyone and it doesn’t get us anywhere in life except more problems and worries.

Remember friends, none of us is perfect. We have all done or said things we aren’t proud of, and in some situations, we lie impulsively to hide our wrongdoings. But just because we’ve made mistakes in the past doesn’t mean we can stop ourselves from becoming a better person. Because, as we all know, life is all about growth, both mental and physical.



Disobedience brings distress

This is regarding the story “Disobedience brings distress” by Hooria Nawab (YW, May 11).

It is rightly suggested in the story that parents are our well-wishers, they always try to do things for our benefit. Everybody must give attention to his/her parents and to what they are saying. We must not hurt them and must try to make them always happy.

Wali Muhammad,



The story “Disobedience brings distress” by Hooria Nawab was nicely written. Our elders are experienced and know more about this world than us, so questioning them or ignoring to what they say is not only disrespectful to them, but could also brings trouble to us.



Published in Dawn, Young World, June 15th, 2019