KHAR: Farmers in Bajaur tribal district here have started harvesting wheat crop after it was delayed for several weeks owing to rains.

During a visit to different localities of the district this correspondent witnessed that farmers had launched harvesting wheat crop, which usually started in last week of April.

Adam Khan, a farmer in Sadiqabad area, said that the harvesting season in Bajaur normally started between the last week of April and second week of May, but this time it was delayed by frequent rains.

Talking to this correspondent, he said that the rains had also damaged the crop and they were expecting 30 per cent less yield this year than the past.

The growers said that it was for the first time during past two decades that harvest season of wheat crop was delayed in Bajaur.

During the visit, this scribe was told that farmers in Salarzai, Nawagai, Barang and Utmankhel tehsils had started reaping wheat crop in the second week of May, but failed to finish it due to multiple spells of rain. The farmers said that the rains had also hit a huge quantity of already collected crop.

It was observed that harvest of wheat crop was in full swing in all parts of the district and the farmers were trying to finish the process as soon as possible.

Meanwhile, agriculturists feared that wheat production this time could witness a significant decrease in Bajaur. They said that the recent rain had badly affected the crop.

Published in Dawn, May 27th, 2019