Zakat and remittances

April 26, 2019


I HAVE a suggestion on how to increase the foreign exchange reserves of Pakistan. Ramazan is less than a fortnight away in which most Muslims pay zakat in the holy month.

In this regard, overseas Pakistanis go to great lengths to find the people to whom they can give their zakat. I suggest that the Pakistan government ensure that the zakat distribution system in vogue is improved to the extent that expatriate Pakistanis are assured that their zakat will be distributed according to Islamic tenets.

If the government manages to do so, overseas Pakistanis will gladly hand over their zakat to the government for disbursal among the needy. The government will acquire substantial foreign exchange reserves in this manner. All that is needed is Prime Minister Imran Khan’s interest in the idea to make it a reality.

Shahzad Bashir
Ontario, Canada

Published in Dawn, April 26th, 2019