Some makeup tips for beauticians

28 Mar 2019


Top beautician Musarrat Misbah speaks in a daylong training session in Peshawar on Wednesday. — White Star
Top beautician Musarrat Misbah speaks in a daylong training session in Peshawar on Wednesday. — White Star

PESHAWAR: Aspiring beauticians of all ages from different parts of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa attended a makeup national master class here and showed keen interest in new techniques to polish their skills.

“Spend a Day with Musarrat Misbah”, a daylong training session to teach the use of ‘MM Makeup’ products of different models was held at a local hotel here. The keen interest and attendance of a large number of women beauticians and aspiring girls was amazing.

“My mother is a beautician and I want to become one too. Such makeup trainings are rare so I am here to learn something. I think beauty business is perfect for women and I want to join it,” said Fiza, a teenager, who had come with her mother all the way from Mardan to attend the session with Musarrat Misbah, one of country’s known beauticians, who runs a chain of beauty clinics, salons and parlours.

Women from different districts attend training session by Musarrat Misbah

She had also launched her makeup products named MM which she introduced to the audience as developed after thorough research while sharing also the techniques to best use those products. She is also known for her foundation “Depilex SmileAgain” that helped and rehabilitated burn victims.

The women and girls, who wanted to learn makeup at the session, were either running beauty parlours or wanted to become beauticians.

They all listened to Musarrat Misbah as she shared basic tips of starting makeup and treating clients. Ms Misbah stressed the need for cleanliness and personal hygiene before treating the clients. She introduced lip glosses, foundation, mascara, eyeliner and other shades.

Mur Saha, running a beauty parlour in Mardan for the last 12 years, said when she started from a small room in her house, she faced many problems as people did not believe in her skill and did not respect her business.

However, she said that it was the best skill and business for a woman in a society where she found it hard to go out of house and work.

“Women clients pay less to small beauty parlours but are ready to pay hefty amount to big ones. The work is the same. Still I am not disappointed and think it is the best way for a woman to be financially independent while remaining close to her house,” said Ms Saha.

Kiran, another beautician from Mardan, said that such makeup training sessions were good to learn as well as interact with other beauticians. She said that women in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa could learn a lot from Ms Misbah as a beautician and as a woman, who after her divorce stood on her feet and made a name for herself in the field as a single woman.

“Many widows and single women can learn this skill and run their own business to become financially independent. Beauty business is all about beauty and caring for oneself and others, so it is perfect for women,” she added.

Published in Dawn, March 28th, 2019