LAHORE: The West Pakistan Assembly today [Jan 22] approved the Criminal Law (Special Provisions Amendment) Ordinance which empowers the Government to withdraw from the selected areas (mainly cities and Cantonments) the operation of the Criminal Law (Special Provisions) Ordinance [which] gives legal backing to the Tribal customs and was meant mainly for the Frontier regions where the Tribal customs prevailed.

Winding up the overnight debate on the ordinance the Provincial Home Minister, Kazi Fazlullah repudiated the suggestion of the Opposition members that the people of Baluchistan were being treated by the Government as citizens of a low category. He said the people of Baluchistan were as good citizens as those of other areas. Kazi Fazlullah said the object of the law was merely to protect the Tribal customs and to give them legal backing. ...

The House was discussing the West Pakistan Control of Goondas (Amendment) Ordinance when it was adjourned for the day. The ordinance seeks to unify the laws relating to control of anti-social elements in the province. It repeals the Karachi Control of Disorderly Persons Act, 1952 and enhances the punishment under the law.

Published in Dawn, January 23rd, 2019