Story Time: A lasting impression

December 01, 2018


Illustration by Sophia Khan
Illustration by Sophia Khan

Some people touch our lives briefly, while others leave a lasting impression even after they have left for an indefinite place. I can’t help but wonder how is it that the person who has had a lasting impression on you and the one who is much more than a relative has to say good bye to you?

She was only an ordinary woman, nothing else, but her face had been imprinted on my mind and her deeds on my heart. Aged seventy, she was the backbone of our house and most importantly, a mentor.

She was not a woman who would turn feeble and helpless by time but, she did grow old. Her face was fair-toned with gleeful dimples that created an undeniable charm. Her face was feather soft with hazel eyes, a rather flat nose and her pale pink, curved lips added to her already immense beauty. And she had honey hued, silky, waist length locks, which had strokes of grey.

She had lost weight after suffering from dengue fever and then her bones protruded out of her paper-like skin. Her tone was always humble although her voice quivered as she spoke.

For me, she was the best as her character had been admired by many, as was her generosity and dedication towards hard work. With strangers she was always bold and loving towards the helpless. But, at times, when her work was very important, she remained preoccupied for days. Her advice for everyone reflected her intellect and understanding of life, dating back to many years. I had never seen her insincere even in the most demanding of circumstances and her behaviour remained calm.

She had loved assisting the underprivileged whether financially or morally, but never did pride shine in her eyes. The way she walked and talked never expressed vanity in her crystal soul.

She had made an enduring impact upon my whole because after being so close to her, I realised how wrong I had been many times. Her act of kindness for everyone and the way she would distribute ration to all the people every month, made me feel affectionate towards them as I carried out my duties.

Her role in the family had been very important as she held us together like a bunch of bananas. Her advice for any of my problems was always helpful and she had been closer to me more than my mother.

From me she failed to hide her grief behind the mask of false smiles. Her death came as a sudden shock to all of us but we will never forget her. She had left something behind, a sack of values for everyone who witnessed her acts. Her effect and impression was never to be overlooked because every day I become more convinced of this — no one’s better than my grandmother.

Published in Dawn, Young World, December 1st, 2018