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Revive manufacturing and facilitate rapid growth of SME sector

The party says it would fulfill this promise by establishing "pilot SME Incubators and launching tax incentive plans".
Updated 13 Aug, 2020 03:26pm

The PTI, in its manifesto, states that it is "committed to delivering an industrial strategy that contributes to growth and employment, and encourages SMEs to scale up and move toward value-added exports".

To fulfill this promise, the party says it will "establish pilot SME Incubators across Pakistan" and launch a ten-year tax incentive plan.

Source: PTI Manifesto 2018


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July 20, 2020: Dawood directs enforcement of GI law to support SMEs (read details)

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September 28, 2019: Rs6 billion allocated to issue loans to businesswomen, says Firdous (read details)

Septemeber 16, 2019: PMYAP renames SME scheme as ‘Kamyab Jawan Youth Entrepreneurship Scheme’ (read details)

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Feb 11, 2019: Govt aims to create 'a million jobs' for youth under Kamyab Jawan Programme (read details)

Feb 03, 2019: Govt likely to offer incentives for SEZs’ success. (read details)

Jan 23, 2019: Reduction and abolishment (in some cases) of duties on raw materials to support export industries. (read details)

Jan 23, 2019: Tax on income generated from loans to small businesses, agriculture sector and low-income housing to be reduced from 39pc at present to 20pc. (read details)

Dec 25, 2018: Subsidy for sunflower farmers (read details)

Dec 18, 2018: Govt working to facilitate SME, exporters: PM Imran (read details)

Dec 8, 2018: Govt framing national tariff policy to boost exports (read details)

Dec 6, 2018: Supplementary grant of Rs25.75 billion for provision of subsidy to zero-rated export-oriented industries (read details)

Dec 6, 2018: National Steering Committee holds first meeting for revision of SME Policy. (read details)

Dec 6, 2018: Government is taking various measures to create conducive environment for SMEs, says Federal Minister for Planning, Development and Reform Makhdoom Khusro Bakhtiar (read details)

Dec 4, 2018: Government allows sugar millers another 100,000 tonnes of export (read details)

Dec 3, 2018: Steps will be taken to increase export of drugs, says minister (read details)

Dec 2, 2018: President Alvi urges nation to buy local products (read details)

Nov 22, 2018: PM approves 5-year plan for boosting economy including promotion of SMEs. (read details)