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Publish names of non-compliant debtors, strongly pursue large tax evaders

The party said it would make efforts to expand tax net.
Updated 14 Aug, 2020 05:19pm

The PTI, in its manifesto, states that it will "publish names of non-compliant debtors and strongly pursue large tax evaders".

Source: PTI Manifesto 2018


August 11, 2020: Habitual complainants in ‘monetary disputes’: FBR seeks Faisalabad police help to trace tax evaders (read details)

August 5, 2020: Govt aims to plug loopholes leading to “legal” money laundering (read details)

July 24, 2020: Tax cheats get free pass if they invest in Pakistan housing (read details)

June 29, 2020: Four steel companies issued tax evasion notices (read details)

June 9, 2020: PM approves Competition Commission of Pakistan inquiry into tax evasion by sugar mills (read details)

April 27, 2020: Inquiry Commission on Sugar finds 40,000 unregistered buyers who have not paid tax returns (read details)

April 21, 2020: FBR says fixed tax rates will mitigate tax evasion and hike revenue (read details)

April 11, 2020: FBR unveils system to collect taxes from services sector (read details)

March 6, 2020: Directorate of Post Clearance Audit sends notices to nine companies involved in import of IT products for tax evasion (read details)

Feb 24, 2020: FBR finds marriage halls in Rs9.5 billion tax evasion (read details)

Feb 19, 2020: 24 top designers sent notices for alleged tax evasion (read details)

Feb 12, 2020: FBR keeping surveillance of sugar mills production (read details)

Feb 4, 2020: Punjab's excise dept reports more than 50pc shortfall due to 'poor performance of officials who allow massive tax evasions' (read details)

Jan 31, 2020: FBR unearths huge money laundering case, IO files application in Special Taxation Court, Peshawar (read details)

Jan 24, 2020: Govt to investigate after FBR unit unearths novel way of evading tax (read details)

Jan 21, 2020: FBR reopens probes against three firms in mega sales tax refund scam (read details)

Jan 15, 2020: FBR intensifies efforts to nab tax evaders (read details)

Jan 12, 2020: Customs intelligence decides to conduct audit of Pakistan’s import record, send all certificates to the embassy of Pakistan in Kabul for verification (read details)

Dec 27, 2019: Gang using fake invoices to evade taxes busted (read details)

Dec 25, 2019: FBR initiates proceedings against fake firm committing Rs134m tax fraud (read details)

Dec 16, 2019: FIR registered against 25 spinning mills in Faisalabad for tax evasion (read details)

Dec 13, 2019: FBR discovers three importers involved in Rs750m tax fraud (read details)

Dec 12, 2019: FBR unearths Rs20bn illegal bank transfer, withdrawal scam in KP (read details)

Dec 9, 2019: Tax body unearths Rs18 billion tax evasion by corporate taxpayer (read details)

Nov 30, 2019: FBR decides to conduct thorough audit of sugar manufacturers (read details)

Nov 23, 2019: FBR to go after 17,000 big retailers in latest documentation drive (read details)

Nov 15, 2019: Govt planning to make it mandatory for FBR to file criminal proceedings against taxpayers in cases where tax evasion exceeds Rs 10m (read details)

Nov 13, 2019: Rs100 billion tax evasions unearthed in four months: officials (read details)

Nov 11, 2019: Tax authority plans to hire private auditors to target tax evasion in sugar industry (read details)

Oct 10, 2019: FBR launches stocktaking drive in steel sector to check tax evasion (read details)

Oct 8, 2019: Over 130,000 high net-worth individuals served tax notices (read details)

Sept 27, 2019: FBR initiates scrutiny of giant sectors to maximise tax collection (read details)

Sept 19, 2019: FBR asks Pakistanis having undeclared assets abroad to file statements by Sept 30 (read details)

Sept 2, 2019: Govt accuses ARY of tax evasion, asks it to pay Rs992m (read details)

Aug 20, 2019: FBR serves notices to 6,324 private schools and tuition centres in Karachi for failing to pay taxes despite having 'booming businesses' (read details)

July 30, 2019: Offshore tax evaders to face jail time, fines (read details)

May 29, 2019: FBR unearths fake accounts used by industrialists for tax evasion (read details)

April 10, 2019: FBR to implement major tax collection measures (read details)

April 10, 2019: Crackdown on tax defaulters in Peshawar (read details)

March 7, 2019: Media persons, real estate tycoons in FBR’s hunt list (read details)

Feb 19, 2019: PM describes tax evaders as 'enemies of the nation', wants FBR to crack down (read details)

Jan 18, 2019: FBR detects over Rs14bn sales tax evasion (read details)

Jan 2, 2019: FBR launches nationwide drive today to net tax-evaders (read details)

Dec 26, 2018: FBR to audit 133 international firms on massive tax evasion (read details)

Nov 30, 2018: FBR finds 20,000 wealthy non-filers (read details)

Nov 20, 2018: Govt mulls separate internal audit wing (read details)

Nov 8, 2018: Tax reforms kick off as cabinet takes away policymaking powers from FBR (read details)

Nov 6, 2018: ECC to take up massive tax evasion by sugar industry (read details)

Oct 2, 2018: FBR launches major drive to widen tax net (read details)

Sept 26, 2018: FBR chases tax evaders with notices (read details)